『 Webmaster Tiare♪ 』
hiiiii ˎˊ˗ in case you missed it, my name is tiare! a little fun fact: the tahitian gardenia is also known as the tiare flower; it symbolizes love and purity. i'm a flower still growing, expanding my horizons in hopes to reach new gardens, spreading joy in hopes to put smiles on everybodies face. that's essentially what i plan on doing with my website (ノ^_^)ノ i want to use my site to share all of my interests, thoughts, dreams, and create a safe space for people just like me ! i'm from a small town on the east coast of new england. i would describe myself as a daydreamer. constantly dreaming of myself living in a cottage home by the sea, hearing the sounds of the waves crash onto shore every day and night. the sound of peace.

this is just a bunch of random filler till i update this section again . work is still in progress

well no